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Scout Head, Midgley - EFM00151
The Old Lord Nelson was here. The cottages on the right here are Black Rock. The main house has been cut off by a third. The roof on the left is 28 Scout Head.

Great House, Midgley - EFM00137
At one time John Walker, who had a coal depot in Luddendenfoot, lived at Great house. The building to the left was once a slaughter house.

Mount Skip - EFM00200
Closed as an inn in late 1990, now private houses.

Bringing In The Hay Harvest - EFM00199
Carting hay at Slack Top, John Greenbank driving.

Stocks and Well, Towngate, Midgley - EFM00194
Doves Rest, on the left, and Stocks Farm.

New House Farm, Midgley - EFM00193
The cottage on the right hand side, now gone, used to be a fish and chip shop.

Midgley United - EFM00191
Playing on Midgley Recreation Ground, Oats Royd Mill is in the background.

Billiting - EFM00190
Left to right: Mr Lawton, with brothers Jim and William Thomas.

Hay Rowing - EFM00183
Or is this Stanley Holmes at/of Mill Field End?

Shaking the Hay - EFM00182
Is this Stanley Holmes at/of Mill Field End?
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