Ben Stansfield Collection


Ben Stansfield Collection


A collection of photographs from various sources gathered together by Ben Stansfield




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Trestle Bridge-Blakedean, About 1900 - BSC00123
[Light Railway]erected to convey material for construction of Blakedean Reservoirs. White Hill Nook [Dawson City] about 1900

St Goerge's Bridge. Council Offices in Erection, 1897 - BSC00122
Back of Leg o' Mutton Hotel and Dan Crossley's.

Old Gate and old Hebden Bridge about 1860 - BSC00118
copied by the late E B Gibson from an old photograph.

Last Hand Weaver in Wadsworth 1895 - BSC00117
Jack o Bog Eggs. [Bog Edge]

Hole in The Wall Inn 1895 - BSC00115
Left to Right: R L Crossley, H Gibson< Ben Gibson, May Barnes, H W Greenwood, [Harry Jumner, owner of the shop and local councillor] P Crossley, Gordon Whiteley, Herbert Rawson and Mason Jagger.

Birchcliffe Maypole Dance-Longroyds Field 1894 - BSC00112
May Pole
Queen; Connie Lister
James Ewart Eastwood, Sarah Anne Greenwood, Wilbert Thomas Greenwood, Sarah Anne Pickles, Emily Greenwood, Edith Anne Pickles,Eva Greenwood and Harry Haigh.
Left to Right.
Bertha Greenwood, Wilbert Thomas, Edith…

Looking down on Mytholm, 1900-1920 - BSC00104
Mytholm Hall is in the centre, Brown's Mill, the Eaves Silk Mills and Bankfoot Mill can all be seen. Heptonstall Church stands proudly on the hoizon behind Hell Hole Rocks. Bottom left are the houses of King Street.
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