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Mytholmroyd Bowling Club, possibly 2015 - STG00153
“Bowling for Fun” afternoon for “Overgate Hospice”. Glenis Kershaw leading off.

Mytholmroyd Wesleyan Chapel Interior - STG00152
Before demolition in the 1970’s showing box pews, pulpit steps and balcony.

Mytholmroyd Methodist Sunday School Romany Bazaar 1951---Men’s Stall

Mytholmroyd Methodist Sunday School Pantomime 1955?
Central 6--Fairy Queen (Jennifer Parker), Elwyn Thomas, Russell Grace, Barbara Mitchell, Barbara Lord, Mr. Earnshaw..

Mytholmroyd Methodist Church 1960’s
Can you find Bertha Rawnsley and Gladys Walton?

Mytholmroyd Methodist Sunday School Pantomime 1957?—
Back 3--___, Elwyn Thomas, Stuart Greenwood. Front 7—Norman Wilcock, Russell Grace, Brenda Dugdale, Jennifer Parker, Ronnie Norcliffe, Brenda Greenwood, Constance Blackman.

Mytholmroyd Methodist Sunday School Pantomime 1956?
Back 4—Constance Wilcock, Elwyn Thomas, Mr. Earnshaw, Ronnie Norcliffe. Front 8—Margaret Heap, Brenda Kenyon, Jennifer Parker, Glenis Leah, Philip Walton, Brenda Dugdale, Barbara Mitchell, David Greenwood, Alec Smith.

Mytholmroyd Methodist Church 201O
Organ,, and choir seats. Thne war memorials are now in St Michael’s. The chairs went to St john's, Cragg Vale.

Mytholmroyd Methodist Church, 1948-50 entertainment
Mr Earnshaw conducting. To row—John Helliwell, Bernard Stell. Next row of 6—Mr. Parker, Tom Foster, David Farrar, Donald Lomas, Elwyn Thomas, Alec Smith. Next row—Edwin Greenwood, Fred Walton, ___, Denis Traynor, Philip Wilcock. Front row---Robert…

Mytholmroyd Methodist Sunday School
Back row—Ann Wilkinson, Mary Walton, Constance Wilcock, Christine Howard. Next row--- Christine Hall, Mary Traynor, Betty Gleave, Brenda Dugdale. Front row—Kathleen Helliwell, Denise Robertshaw, Jennifer Parker, Wendy Barry.

Mytholmroyd Methodist Church
Christmas Bazaar 1984 -___,___,Mary Greenwood, Laura Rashley, Phyllis Greenwood, Jean Houlston, Daphne Smith.

Mythomroyd Methodist Church about 2010
Worship area looking towards the stage.

Mytholmroyd Wesleyan Church Women’s Hour 1948
Taken at The Manse Scout Road with minister Revd. Pomfret.

Mytholmroyd Methodist Sunday School Romany Bazaar 1951
The only recognised people from the top—Jim Priestley, Denis Traynor, Alan Greenwood, Constance Wilcock, Geoffrey Kenyon, Margaret Ormerod, Heather Barry, and bottom row—Philip Walton, Stephan Lord, David Greenwood, Ann Greenwood, Madeline Earnshaw

Back row—Margaret Ormerod, ___, Joan Parker, Maywynne Lomas, ___, Heather Barry. Front row—David Greenwood, ___, John Foster, ___.
--Top row—Winifred Walton, Jennifer Parker, Jim Priestley (just), Brenda Dugdale, Mary Walton, Denise Robertshaw,…

Mytholmroyd Methodist Sunday School Play
Back row—Margaret Ormerod, ___, Joan Parker, Maywynne Lomas, ___, Heather Barry. Front row—David Greenwood, ___, John Foster, ___.

Mytholmroyd Methodist Church Sunday School Bazaar 1980
Left to right--___,___.Mary Greenwood, Mrs. Howarth, Connie Helliwell, ___,___,___.

Mytholmroyd Methodist Cricket Club 1961-1st XI
Back row—Michael Lord, Arthur Sutcliffe, Eric Singleton, Raymond Milnes, Nigel Robinson, Stuart Greenwood. Front row—John Cooke, Kenny Butterworth, Russell Grace, Wilf Boocock, Jack Gledhill.

Mytholmroyd Methodist Cricket Club 1961 --1st XI
Back row—Nigel Robinson, Wilf Boocock, Jack Gledhill, Rex Greenwood, Eric Singleton, Raymond Milnes. Front row—Kenny Butterworth, Terry Leah, Russell Grace, John Cooke, Jack Crossley

Burnley Road School Mr Dobson’s Class 1947
Back row---David Ingham, Alan Dempsey, Russell Scott, Michael Bowker, Robert Uttley, David Thornton, Alan Thomas, Colin Moss, Max Sunderland, Alan Greenwood. Next row—Gladys Kingsley? Glenis Leah, Sheila Whitaker? Barbara Greenwood? ---? Pauline…

Burnley Road School Class 1947?—
Back row—Keith Greenwood, Peter Howarth, Eric Singleton, Alan Dobson, Kenneth Taylor, Keith Dugdale, Stuart Greenwood, Raymond Eccles, Barry Jones, Roy Ashman, Keith Cockroft. Next row—First 4 unknown, Jane Langley, Vicki Bottomley, ___, ? Bowe,…
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