Derek Pollard collection


Derek Pollard collection


Colour and B&W photos taken between 1935 and 1998.

Derek spent his early life in Old Town Hebden Bridge, where his father was the Engine Tenter (Steam Engineer) for Mitchell Bros, who were wool washers and combers. Derek attended Old Town School then Calder High School, after which he did an engineering apprenticeship at John Pickles and Son, Mytholm. Later he worked at Broadbent Machine Tools, Mytholmroyd, installing and servicing their equipment all over the world. Eventually he worked for Chevron Overseas Exploration Co. in various locations, the last one being 4 years in Sudan. His hobbies include gardening, old photographs and family history.




1935 - 1998


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Collection Items

Floods at Mytholmroyd, 1946 - DEP00514
Near Burnley Road School.

Floods at Mytholm - DEP00512
Road and river hardly indistguishable at Westfield Terrace

River Calder at Mytholmroyd - DEP00510
River level is ominously high.

Floods at New road, Mytholmroyd, 1946 - DEP00508
Cleaning up after the floods, note girl on left in fashion shoes 1946.

Broadbent Machine Tool stand at Olympia Exhibition, c1976 - DEP00506
Edward G Herbert owned Broadbent's. Stanley Machine Tools on display.

Broadbent Machine Tools, Mytholmroyd - DEP00505
View of the Machine Shop. Councillor Stanley Leach is under the crane hook.

Broadbent Machine Tools, Mytholmroyd, c1965 - DEP00503
A Break Lathe, the operator is Granville Whitaker, it was taken at the Hollins Lane, Sowerby Bridge premises of Broadbents pre 1960.

Broadbent Machine Tools, Mytholmroyd - DEP00502
72" vertical boring drill, one of five that went to the Suez Canal Company, c1969.

Broadbent Machine Tools, Mytholmroyd - DEP00501
Slideway grinder grinding a Broadbent Lathe bed. The operator is Ken Donahue.

Broadbent Machine Tools, c1960 - DEP00500
New Fitting Bay, Mytholmroyd. Centre front are two stair trenchers to John Pickles' design.

River Calder at Mytholmroyd - DEP00495
Showing work on deepening the channel.

River Calder at Mytholmroyd - DEP00493
Flood defence work has just started.
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