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Proud Trophy winners - KES00161
Jack Bridge cricket club won the cup in 1930. Here are three of the players. From L to R:

Jack Chambers, Clifford Crabtree and Rennie Thwaites.

They are pictured at Hudson Mill with the bottom of Pilling Steps behind the group. Note that they…

Mary Hannah Greenwood - KES00160
Ready to attend Blake Dean Anniversary

Mary Hannah Greenwood Above Reaps - KES00159
Pictured are Mary Hannah Greenwood (nee Speak) and husband Percy Greenwood. They are possibly surveying the new reservoir at Gorple which was completed in the early 1930s. The couple, married in late 1930, are walking along the track above Gorple,…

Mary Hannah Greenwood - KES00158
Good Friday, 6th April, 1928

James Speak at Hudson Mill - KES00157
James Speak second from the right, as Alice Longstaff's father.

James Speak at Blake Dean - KES00156
James Speak, 4th from the left, Alice Longstaff's father, pictured outside the chapel at Blake Dean.

James Speak and Friends - KES00155
James, Alice longstaff's father, is on the right. Probably pictured on the road to Blake Dean chapel.

Reaps Farm, Gorple - KES00154
Probably dating from early 1930s, we see Mary Hannah Greenwood (nee Speak) on the right with an unknown companion. They are on the track above the Gorple reservoir workings, possibly returning to Colden after attending the Blake Dean Chapel…

Frank Thwaites - KES00152
One of the players of Jack Bridge cricket team, Frank Thwaites pictured outside his home at Hudson Mill Cottages (now demolished). This indicates he didn’t neglect the whitening of his cricket boots even though he appears to be off to somewhere…

Jack Bridge Cricket Team - KES00151
This is the Jack Bridge cricket team that played in the Hebden Bridge League. They won the cup in 1930. Their home ground was a field at Goose Hey, near Smithy Lane.

Most of the players would have worked at Jack Bridge mill. Pictured are:


Mersey Tunnel Construction - KES00147
The tunnel was opened 18th July 1934, and this photo was taken the day before that.

Celebration Bonfire - KES00144
This bonfire was in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of King George V in May of 1935. It was built on Popples above Heptonstall Slack.

Celebration Bonfire - KES00143
This bonfire was in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of King George V in May of 1935. It was built on Popples above Heptonstall Slack.

Brass Band on Parade at Heptonstall Slack  - KES00142
The procession is en route to the pavilion at Popples where a gathering was celebrating the Silver Jubilee of King George V in May 1935.

Noah Dale - KES00141
Causeway rising Noah Dale road over marshy ground, c2003.

Noah Dale Bridge - KES00140
Noah Dale Bridge over Noah Dale Water/Colden Water, c2003.

Noah Dale - KES00138
Mysterious mound below Noah Dale dam, possibly of puddle clay for repairing leaking dam prior to its final collapse in 1939.

Noah Dale - KES00136
View upstream through the collapsed dam, c2003.
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