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Tom Walker collection


Colour and black and white photos of bridges in Calderdale, West Yorkshire (and a few from further afield) dating from 1960s.


Tom Walker


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M62 - TWA00260
The start of the construction of the M62

Soyland Mill Bridge - TWA00259
SOYLAND MILL BRIDGE is at Dam Side over the Lumb Clough stream. It is a single-arch, undated, stone bridge. The following entries appear in the accounts for 1741 of John Normanton, the Sowerby Constable:¬
Paid Matthew Nickolson for Soyland Miln…

Sowerby Bridge - TWA00258
SOWERBY BRIDGE was the subject of a paper by H. P. Kendall in the 1915 Transactions.

Salterhebble Bridge - TWA00257
In his will dated Feb 1st, 1533, John Waterhouse left twelve pence “to the amendying of Salterhebble.” W.B. Crump wrote that for the present this remains the earliest use of the dialect word “hebble”. In 1637 a fine of £40 was imposed on the…

St George's Bridge, Hebden Bridge - TWA00256
ST. GEORGE'S BRIDGE, Hebden Bridge. was built in 1899, the cost being met by public subscription plus a grant from the West Riding County Council. The bridge had a very steep gradient, and before it was altered a chain horse was needed by loaded…

Ripponden Old Bridge - TWA00255
RIPPONDEN OLD BRIDGE was written about by a former President of the Halifax Antiquairans, the late J. H. Priestley, and his paper appeared in the 1935 Transactions.

Rastrick Bridge, Brighouse - TWA00254
RASTRICK BRIDGE, Brighouse, The Borough of Brighouse derives its name from this ancient bridge. An ancient house or houses stood near the bridge over the Calder between Brighouse and Rastrick. hence the name Brighouse, or Bridge-house, and for a time…

Phoenix Bridge, Brighouse,  - TWA00253
This bridge runs parallel to Clifton Bridge and carries King Street over the Clifton Beck. On a stone tablet on the parapet is inscribed "W.R.C.C PHOENIX BRIDGE."

Paris Gate Bridge, Halifax - TWA00252
PARIS GATE BRIDGE. That there was a bridge at Paris Gate over the Hebble is evidenced by the West Riding Quarter Sessions Records. At Pontefract in April, 1794, the surveyor of Skircoat and Southowram having submitted to an indictment a gratuity of…

Oxygrains Bridge, Rishworth - TWA00251
OXYGRAINS BRIDGE, Rishworth, is a single-arch stone pack¬horse bridge without any Parapet, and is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Watson wrote that the Ryburn stream "receives a considerable rivulet at the Ox-grains bridge, in the same township…

North Dean Railway Bridge - TWA00250
This bridge was constructed by the Manchester and Leeds Railway Company, forerunner of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company. The railway line was opened on October 5th, 1840, and the bridge must date from that time.

North Bridge, Halifax - TWA00249
NORTH BRIDGE is of cast iron and has two spans each one hundred and sixty feet long. It replaced a stone bridge having six arches which was opened in 1771 which had replaced a wooden pre-decessor. The foundation stone of the present bridge was laid…

New Gate End, Blackstone Edge - TWA00248
NEW GATE END BRIDGE, Blackstone Edge, near Baitings, appears on Ogilby's map of 1675. It carries the Rochdale Road over Knave Holes Clough.

West End Bridge, Hebden Bridge - TWA00247
NEW or WEST END BRIDGE, Hebden Bridge, was built about 1772 and has two arches of stone. It takes the main Lancashire road over the Hebden tributary of the Calder. An entry in the Todmorden Turnpike Trustees' records shows that on July 30th, 1835 the…

New Bridge, Midgehole, Hardcastle Crags - TWA00246
NEW BRIDGE spanning the Hebden near the entrance to Hardcastle Crags is a stone bridge of one arch built probably in the middle of the eighteenth century.

New Bridge, Midgehole, Hardcastle Crags - TWA00245
NEW BRIDGE spanning the Hebden near the entrance to Hardcastle Crags is a stone bridge of one arch built probably in the middle of the eighteenth century.

County Bridge, Mytholmroyd - TWA00244
MYTHOLMROYD COUNTY BRIDGE. The first reference to this bridge is in Holinshed's Chronicles (1577) where the river Calder is described as receiving "one rill neere Elphabrught Bridge." Elphabrough Hall was an important hall on the Cragg Vale bank of…

Mytholme Bridge, Halifax - TWA00243
MYTHOLME BRIDGE takes Lister Road over the Red Beck in the Shibden Valley. It has one stone arch and an inscription on the north side of the bridge records "This Bridge was Built and the Diversion of the Road made in the year 1809." In the West…

Milking Bridge, Colden Valley - TWA00242
MILKING BRIDGE is a very narrow stone footbridge of one arch in a dell at the lower end of the Colden Valley. According to W. B. Crump it was the subject of two drawings by J. Horner.

Mereclough Bridge, near Sowerby Bridge - TWA00241
MEARCLOUGH BRIDGE is a double-arch stone bridge over the river Calder at the foot of Fall Lane. As far back as 1300 there was a corn mill here run by water, and for nearly 500 years this mill was owned by the Waterhouse family of Skircoat. Mearclough…

Marshaw Bridge, Cragg Vale - TWA00240
MARSHAW BRIDGE is situated in Cragg Vale near St. John's in the Wilderness Church. It is a stone bridge of one arch. Its former name was Marschagh and the spelling has varied since then. In the Manor Court Rolls it is mentioned with "the Baytinges"…

Lumb Bridge, Crimsworth - TWA00239
LUMB BRIDGE is the fine single-arch stone pack-horse bridge in Crimsworth Dean at Lumb Falls. W.B. Crump expressed his opinion that the bridge “can hardly be later than 17th century and is not earlier than the 16th".

Lum Bridge, Soyland - TWA00238
LUM BRIDGE is the bridge crossed on the way from the Alma Inn to Soyland. It is a single-arch stone bridge with the date 1866 carved on a stone above the arch on the Sowerby side. An earlier bridge was repaired for 1s 8d according to the accounts of…

Luddendenfoot Bridge - TWA00237
LUDDENDEN FOOT BRIDGE was erected in 1882 by the Luddenden Foot board of Health to replace an earlier bridge washed away in the flood of December 23rd, 1880. This bridge, known as the “currie” bridge, was built between 1790 and 1795, Sowerby paying…

Luddenden Bridge - TWA00236
LUDDENDEN BRIDGE in Luddenden Village is mentioned in the will of Richard Stanclyffe of Halifax who in 1518 bequeathed “to the byldyng of Luddenden brige Xli (£10) if so be they take upon hand to bilde the brigge of stone.” This bridge and the…
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