Kildwick Hall

From around 1875 until 1945, Kildwick Hall, although owned by the Wilson family of Eshton Hall, was home to the Brigg family. Sir John Brigg (died 1911) was the Liberal MP for Keighley. He had four sons and a daughter. Three of the sons were unmarried and remained at the Hall, and the daughter (Mary) came back to live at the Hall when her husband died very soon after their marriage. In 1916 Walter Anderton Brigg served his fifth consecutive term as mayor of Keighley, with Mary as his Mayoress. Both he and his twin brother (John Jeremy) were Aldermen. In 1955 the Kildwick estate was sold off and broken up. The Hall then went through a period in which a series of owners ran it as a hotel, a country club, and a restaurant. In the late 1990s, the Hall ceased operation as a commercial venture and became a private house. The notes accompanying each photograph are from a series of lectures first given to the Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society by Mr. George Hepworth around 1916.