Markenfield Hall

Markenfield Hall, near Ripon, is an early 14th-century moated country house. It is considered by many to be one of the finest surviving English country houses from that period. The earliest part of the house was built C1230; this was later bought and enlarged by Canon John de Markenfield. The Markenfield family owned the Hall until their involvement in the Rising of the North in 1569. The Rising was quashed and the then owner Sir Thomas Markenfield fled. The house was bought in 1761 by Fletcher Norton, the first Lord Grantley of Markenfield. The 7th Lord Grantley began the restoration of Markenfield in 1980, turning it into the welcoming home that visitors see today. The notes accompanying each photograph are from a series of lectures first given to the Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society by Mr. George Hepworth around 1916.