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The playground of Riverside School is at the bottom of the picture, with the Memorial Gardens to the right of it. Heptonstall Road is to the left with Queen's Terrace. Ref 419157
Stubbings School is just above the centre of this photo, and top right is the Birchcliffe Centre. Ref 419158
Date unknown but prior to demolition of Buttress Brink 1967/8.
Date unknown but prior to the demolition of dwellings on Commercial Street, Garden Street and Buttress Brink in the mid-1960s.
The railway line runs diagonally across the picture, with Fairfield on the left and Calder Holmes Park on the right.
Taken from the Keighley Road side of the town, Calder Holmes Park is at the top of the picture.
Listed as Halifax Courier 24.1.1948, but the White Horse Inn has gone, so more likely to be 1968.
The left hand section is dated 1885. The three gables on the right are 17th century. For further information on the history of this property see The Halifax Antiquarian Transactions 1918.
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