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There has certainly been a church at Halifax for about 900 years. The Minster, formerly a Parish Church until 23 November 2009, was completed by about 1438. It comprises a nave, chancel and full-length aisles, and is thought to be the third church on…
There has been a church on this site for many centuries and it became a Minster in the 2000s. Postcard dated 1930.
There has been a church on this site for many centuries and it became a Minster in the 2000s. On the left is Dispensary Walk. Postcard dated 1908.
The mill chimneys and factories of Halifax can be seen in the background of this photograph. The former home of Colonel Akroyd (after whom the park is named), Bankfield House is now owned by Calderdale Council and houses a library, a museum and the…
Postcard dated 1918. In November 1996, All Saints' celebrated the 150th anniversary. The infant Church of England parish was one of the new districts resulting from Sir Robert Peel's New Parishes Act of 1843, designed to make pastoral and other…
This shows the junction where Burnley Road and Rochdale Road meet at King Cross.
This view is taken from the then new Aachen Way and shows the bottom of Queens Road and its junction with King Cross Street. 1970s.
The church building appears to be Northgate End Chapel. This area was redeveloped in the early 1980s and is now part of the bus station.
Congregationalists had held regular meetings in Halifax since at least 1763 and the Square Chapel, named after the area although it is also square in shape, was opened in 1772 at a cost of over £2,000. The chapel was first preached in on 24th May…
North Bridge Area from Crib Lane Flats 1978. Part of Dean Clough Mill can be seen on the left, as can All Soul's, Haley Hill.
The new bus station can be seen in the centre with the tower of the town Hall behind, and the retained frontage of the old chapel on the right.
This scene is almost unrecognisable from the Northgate of today as many of the buildings have since been demolished. The church building on the right appears to be Northgate End Chapel, built in 1871 and demolished in 1982.
The building in the foreground has now gone but the building with Holt on it (which is on Chatham Street itself) is still in existence. The church building is St Mary's Catholic Church on Gibbet Street.
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