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Later renamed Mons Mill. AN 69927631
Showing what an immense mill Waterside was. The building on the right hand end was the technical college. The spire is the Unitarian Church and the tower of Cross Stone church can be seen on the horizon. AN 70082659
1956? Work beginning on new secondary school, AN 70083581
The mill is possibly Ratcher Mill

From R A Priestley
AN 70083577
Oldroyd in Lumbutts Clough, demolished in the 1920s.
Built in 1805 and taken over by the Ormerods in 1823 for cotton spinning and extended in 1838. They vacated it in 1865 and it stood empty for many years before being demolished in 1894. Seen here shortly before demolition.
A cotton spinning mill at Meadow Bottom; it was destroyed by fire in February 1918.
Lob Mill east of the town with the chimney being felled on 29 September 1906 by which time the mill was disused Note the crowds standing on the railway viaduct to watch.
The area down the Calder Valley to the east of the town with Cross Stone Church on the hillside.
The Grade ll listed building situated on the Rochdale Canal between Todmorden and Eastwood. It was built in 1832 as a steam powered cotton mill but by the mid-20th century lay derelict and then in 1994 it was gutted by a fire. It was subsequently…
Laying cables at Lower Laithe, Todmorden.

The mill on Burnley Road was originally a cotton mill built in 1861 with subsequent extensions. Now occupied by furniture manufacturers.
Scaitcliffe east of Lydgate. The old corn mill was destroyed by fire in the 1940s but the house survived.

When built it was called Hare Mill but was renamed after the battle of Mons in the First World War. Demolished 2000.
Hare Mill on Burnley Road was built for the Hare Spinning Company and was completed in 1910. It passed to the Mons Mill Company and was renamed Mons Mill after the First World War battle. Textile production ceased in 1968 and the mill was demolished…
Chemical Store At ABC Chemicals, owned By Austin Copping
The second floor was used as a Christian meeting Room.
This building was used as a meeting room for St Mary's church.
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