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Donated by Denise Ramsden
Alan Sutcliffe of 6 Upper Castle working on his land. you can see the Wesleyan Chapel and what was then the Post Office. Donated by Yvonne Broadbent.
These horses are pulling an engine up to Dawson City

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Horse Drawn Ambulance in front of Macpelah Works, at the junction of A646 and Station Road, Hebden Bridge.
The message of Eat More Fruit and Keep Fit was certainly better than another fad of the 1920s, which advised people to actively smoke instead of eating, as it was though to help some physical problems. Many began using them as an appetite suppressant…
A typical horse drawn wagonette with two lengthwise seats facing one another behind the driver's cross seat.
Coal dray outside Riverside School Hebden Bridge. The horse in full working dress! Postcard.
Believed to be Dr Davidson, in a horse drawn four wheeled carriage for one person, possibly a Stanhope or Spider Phaeton, on Burnley Road Hebden Bridge. Note the tramlines.
A local carter and his team hauling a load towards the upland; this often required the assistance of one or more chain horses, as illustrated here.

With the use of water power, the output of cloth increased. This increase in trade saw the opening…
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