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A general view from Holebottom showing the railway cutting across the centre of the town. Clearly visible on the right are Christ Church and its Vicarage. The former Ridgefoot Mill complex can be seen abutting the viaduct.

From a lithograph by…
The skew bridge passing over the Rochdale Canal at Gauxholme with a clear span of 101 ft. The castellated abutments of solid masonry were brought from Knowlwood Quarry. Along with Whiteley Arches at Charlestown this was one of the first bow string…
Enlarged extract from one of a series of Lithographs by A. F. Tait published in 1845 entitled "Views on the Manchester and Leeds Railway". The station opened in October 1840. Seen here the small station building on the 'Leeds line' is almost hidden…
A. F. Tait print photographed by Westerman's in 1895.
Lithograph by A. F. Tait dated 1845 from Views of the Manchester & Leeds Railway. Drawn from Nature and stone.
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