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The playground of Riverside School is at the bottom of the picture, with the Memorial Gardens to the right of it. Heptonstall Road is to the left with Queen's Terrace. Ref 419157
The roundabout on the top right is Bull Green, and People's Park towards bottom left. Ref 415430
The River Calder flows from left to right in this photo. The cemetery, top right, is off Sowerby New Road. Ref 419159
Hollins Mill Lane runs top left to the right to the picture. Sowerby Bridge cricket ground is bottom left. Tuel Lane runs down the picture from centre top. Ref 419160
Stubbings School is just above the centre of this photo, and top right is the Birchcliffe Centre. Ref 419158
Wakefield Road runs across the bottom of this picture with the canal and river running parallel to it, and the railway at the top of the photo. Ref 419162
Aerial view of Halifax. Left of centre is Halifax General Hospital.
Aerial view if Elland in 1977
Looking at the rate of fall from Halifax side.
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