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Taken on a hot summers day 2018, using the Alice Longstaff Rolleiflex using Ilford HP5+ film
The film was shot at 800ASA and was developed in Rodinal by the Alex Taylor
The railway line runs diagonally across the picture, with Fairfield on the left and Calder Holmes Park on the right.
Taken from the Keighley Road side of the town, Calder Holmes Park is at the top of the picture.
The cottages of Knowl Top and Edge Hey Green, at Colden, above Heptonstall, can be seen beyond the cows.
Alice Longstaff is on the far left where she could quickly get into position after having set the delayed exposure on the camera. 5th from left back row is Lily Asling (nee Sunderland).
The Alice Longstaff Gallery logo. The idea for the collection’s logo came from a painting by Mr Donald Crossley that he presented to Alice in September 1991 to celebrate her 70 years in business. A few weeks later Alice had a heart attack and died…
This photographic studio was at 25 West End, Hebden Bridge
Standing, Alice (with monacle), John Longstaff in doorway. Lady in blue is Elsie Greenwood, Lloyd's wife; seated holding picture, right Monica Lewin.
L to R: Mrs Hazeltine; Clement Speak; Vera Ingham (Taylor) - Jimmy's daughter; Alice Longstaff; Margery Speak - Clement's daughter; Harold Sutcliffe (standing) and James Edward Taylor.
Ref: 030LG. Taken at Little Lear Ings. The cat was called Benjamin. Gentleman seated was head gardener for Calderdale Council, his wife was called Joyce.
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