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To the left of the railings is the former Cloth Hall and to the right in the foreground is Heptonstall Museum.
Lodge Gates, near Hinchliffe Arms, Cragg Vale. Previously the lodge for Cragg Hall
The entrance to Lower Ashes, a splendid example of the type of house favoured by the well-to-do farmer and merchant clothier of the 17th century.
The grave of Samuel Sutcliffe who was murdered at Hawden Hole in February 1817. His murderers were hanged at York the following month.

The building barely visible on the left was the Black Bull Inn.
From a booklet entitled 'Views of Hebden Bridge & District', undated but believed to be around 1900. This picture shows a very new looking Birchcliffe Baptist Chapel, it opened in 1898. PH86.
The ginnel and steps up into Buttress Brink, a warren of dwellings on different levels at the bottom of the Buttress, off Old Gate opposite the Hole-in-the-Wall Inn. Occupants had to walk through a gloomy ground floor tunnel lit by gas lamps, climb…
Seen from the churchyard. The building on the right of the arch was once the Bull Inn and later housed the Heptonstall Working Men's Club until 1972.
Looking from the churchyard towards Towngate, c 1930.
The lintel bears the initials J.B. (John Bentley) and the date 1578. The house beyond the arch on the left is Whitehall, a farmhouse, once the home of the Bentley family, hence its former name of 'Bentley's' The family lived here before 1578, when…
This is a ‘Hall-and-Cross Wing’ house built around 1659, later encased in stone, situated between the Burnley Road and the Rochdale Canal just outside Luddendenfoot. It bears a date stone ‘E.S.S. 1659’ which probably refers to Edward Sutcliffe.

The timber framed and stone-clad Cliffe Hill barn probably dates to the early 17th century with late 18th century alterations. The archway is circa 1700, and the farmhouse has a date stone “INMN 1601”.
Located in Churchyard Bottom, the school, seen here through the arch of the Great North Gate, was endowed in 1642 by a legacy of the Rev. Charles Greenwood, Rector of Thornhill and Lord of the Manor of Heptonstall. The school was rebuilt in 1771 and…
Whitehall Farm, Heptonstall in snow
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