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Free Masons Arms, Blind Lane, Burnley Road. Date unknown but pre First World War.
PNH00817. October 1974. Rochdale Canal at the rear of buildings on Burnley Road.
PNH00812. March 1998. Ready for a flood - shop doors protected by sandbags!
View over Palace House Road to Mayroyd Mill and Royd House from the north; the Dodnaze housing estate built in the 1950s and 60s above on the hillside.
Winter view from the north hillside over Hebden Bridge station and Machpelah. Old Town Mill chimney on the skyline
In the foreground the rear of the dwellings on the south side of King Street with Saville Road above. On the skyline the Peckett Well War memorial.
Demolition of dwellings on King Street, just outside Hebden Bridge on the A646 looking towards Todmorden. On the left is the bridge over the river to The Stubbing Wharf inn. The building on the left with the sign for the Stubbing Wharf Hotel was the…
Replacing the original 1840 bowstring, or trussed frame, bridge over the Rochdale Canal with the metal trough bridge we see today. To the right the tall chimney of the former Calderside Mill.
Formerly a weaving shed and known locally as Pickles' , this factory made artificial leather upholstery for the motor trade and later became Turn Leathers
Looking down towards Wilson Bros gantry from School St ( now known as Brownbirks St following the opening of Cornholme School at Greenfield Terrace in 1899)
Originally known as Hare Mill, this building was re-named Mons Mill following. the battle of the same name in WW1 Park not developed. Hare & Hounds pub with no Ashenhurst Estate so pre 1930s. Land to left of pub was John Halsteads nursery
The building on the extreme left, formerly the Freemason's Arms, was known as the 'red house', and is now apartments. The next 2 buildings have since been demolished, the next is now a cafe known as No 72 Burnley Road. 1916
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