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Callis is the name of a place on the slopes of Erringden. It was named as ‘Calys’ as early as 1375. A deed dated 1604 has reference to ‘one small close adjoining the Hebble called Callishebble.’ The district is approached by the bridge over the…
Postcard with July 1942 postmark, but the photo is probably much earlier. Callis is between Hebden Bridge and Eastwood.
Situate between Charlstown and Eastwood on the A646 Halifax Road. Stoodley Pile on the skyline. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
The track to left of train is the site of the infamous curve. It was the cause of many accidents over the years including a serious derailment in 1912 with several casualities including three fatalities. The detached house in the foreground is called…
This picture shows the proximity of the River Calder and the Rochdale Canal at this point. From a Geoff Boswell calendar, 2004.
This photograph is taken from stepping stones half way up the valley side, and the view today (2000) is almost identical. Photo taken in Callis Wood, Erringden by Thomas Morgan. Ref: 005 Morgan Lit & Sci.
Unusually placed date stone. The initials are for Isaac Rawdon.
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