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Bethel Chapel, Spark House Lane, near Sowerby Bridge.
The Lydgate Church, Todmorden, was formed from members of the Lineholme Church, in 1859. The new endeavour numbered some fifty Todmorden people. Beginning in a cottage, they moved to Newgate Bottom, where they rented the top room of a disused mill.…
In the centre of the photo is Patmos Chapel, Burnley Road, Todmorden. The site is now the Memorial Gardens
Slack Baptist Chapel, erected in 1808. Donated by Esther Dean
Notice the cobbled footpath in front of these cottages. Donated by Yvonne Broadbent.
Alan Sutcliffe of 6 Upper Castle working on his land. you can see the Wesleyan Chapel and what was then the Post Office. Donated by Yvonne Broadbent.
A composite picture showing the steps down from Heptonstall Road. The new Methodist church can be seen top left.
Heptonstall Slack Baptist Chapel Choir c.1909, taken to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Choirmaster, William Greenwood, nickname William the Singer.

Bottom row from left: Sarah Pickles, unknown, Francis Greenwood who was killed in the First…
This church was located on Scout Road, and closed for worship in December 22014. The new organ was consecrated 24th October, 1903.
This is where Sir Bernard started his career.
Beyond the shops on the left is part of Melbourne Mill, now site of the Co-op,
beyond that the Salem Methodist Chapel and beyonf that the large Brecks Mill with the tall chimney of Calder Mill behind it. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History…
The chapel was built in 1764 by a Methodist Society which had grown steadily since John Wesley’s first visit in 1747. At first it was a perfect octagon, but in 1802 the sides were extended and the gallery reconstructed to increase the capacity. The…
The architect of the chapel was William Henry Cockroft. Cross Lanes Chapel can be seen on the hillside behind.
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