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At the junction of Tuel Lane and Wharfe Street, Sowerby Bridge. Built in 1821 with a history going back to 1526.
Formerly Todmorden Parish Church. A Grade 2 listed building in Gothic style. It was a Commissioner's Church built in 1832. It closed for worship in 1992.
Christ Church floodlit in 1932. AN 32938183
Christ Church, Todmorden.

Around the year 1829 the vicar of St. Mary's in Todmorden, the Reverend Joseph Cowell, proposed that the church should be either rebuilt or enlarged at its present site. Another proposal was that it should be removed to…
The former Todmorden Parish Church before the East End was added.

Christ Church is a Commissioners church that opened in 1832. The intention had been to replace the existing St Mary's Church, but due to public pressure that did not happen and Christ…
Taken from behind Christ Church. AN 32938327
LYRS 2790 - General view across Centre Vale to Stansfield Hall Station in far the distance. In the top right Cross Stone Church and below Christ Church, now converted into apartments, and to its left the national School..
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