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Hebden Bridge's Parish Church situated out of the town to the west at Mytholm. One of the so called 'million pound' churches it was built on land donated by the Rev. John Armytage Rhodes of adjacent Mytholm Hall. it was consecrated in 1933.
The church opened Good Friday 1859 with the lower part used as a school for mill workers. The church has closed and the building converted into dwellings.
The old church at Heptonstall was dedicated to God and St Thomas a Becket – Thomas a Becket being in great popularity after his murder in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170 and his canonisation three years later. There may have been a structure in the…
The church, dedicated to St Thomas a Beckett, first dates from the mid-13th century but was re-constructed and enlarged on several occasions over subsequent centuries. By the mid-19th century it was structurally in poor condition and then was badly…
The old medieval church was badly damaged by a gale in 1847 but rather than repairing it a decision was taken to build a new church in the same churchyard. Dedicated to St Thomas the Apostle this was completed in 1854 at a cost of
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