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Bottom right is the Central Methodist Church, and the impressive building towards the top of the picture is Brighouse Library and the Smith Art Gallery.
This church was first established arond 1180 and the main part of the building is believed to have been built in the 14th and 15th centuries.
The church building appears to be Northgate End Chapel. This area was redeveloped in the early 1980s and is now part of the bus station.
Young men's class at Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Sunday School. Presentation in 1916 to Messrs J and J Wallon, teachers for many years
Officers and teachers who made a record attendance of 100% during the year 1921.
Class leaders, Trustees, and Chapel Committee. Back row: Jas Boocock, W. Johnson, J.A. Walton, D. Crossland. Middle row: F. Stansfield, F. Robertshaw, A. Johnson, Sam Morgan, W. Oldfield, W. Brearley. Front row: T. Naylor, Sth Johnson, Jos Siddal, T.…
Teachers and Officers, Centenary, 1923. Back row: Messrs J. Walton, A.J. Robertshaw, F. Stansfield, A. Johnson, W. Oldfield, T. Morgan. Second row: Mr D. Crossland, Misses E.E. Robertshaw, M. Naylor, D. Riley, B. Riley,A. Morgan, E. Riley, F. Naylor,…
Congregationalists had held regular meetings in Halifax since at least 1763 and the Square Chapel, named after the area although it is also square in shape, was opened in 1772 at a cost of over £2,000. The chapel was first preached in on 24th May…
Showing the narrow entrance to Midgely Road. When Clough Mill, shown on the left, was demolished the road was widened.
Where did that name come from, can anyone help? St johns Church is at the bottom of the picture, with Church Bank Mill behind, beyond that Cragg School.
On the hillside above Burnley Road the chapel was founded in 1777 and enlarged and extended over the years. The church closed in the 1960s and a part is now a private house but the rest is derelict and the chapel roofless.
St Mary's is the historic Parish Church of Todmorden although although from 1832 until it closed 1992 that honour was held by Christ Church.
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