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An "Old time" evening at The Holme in Cliviger, c1970. AN 34131834
Thieveleys Farm, on the west side of the Cliviger Gorge, was a favourite picnic place in Victorian times but the farm was demolished in 1976.
One of several coal mines in the Cliviger area. To the right of the winding gear the Todmorden - Burnley Road.
The Todmorden - Burnley Road (now A646) running through the village.
Holme House or Hall probably dates from the 15th century with re-building in the 17th century and additions in the mid 18th century. Between 1985 and 2003 it was used as a retirement home but was gutted by arson in 2004, but has since been…
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The village is on the Todmorden - Burnley road and railway line and once had a station.
Holme Station Cliviger on the Todmorden-Burnley 'Copy Pit' line. On 27th October 1907 some wagons on a coal train became detached at Copy Pit and rolled back down and leaving the track demolished the Booking Office killing the Booking Clerk.
The station was opened at the same time as the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway's line between Todmorden and Burnley in 1849. It was closed in 1930.
The bridge, seen here looking SE in the Todmorden direction, is about quarter of a mile up from the former Portsmouth station and carries a lane from the A646 up to a farm. The loop line on the left has now been lifted.
The small colliery at the summit of the steeply graded Todmorden-Burnley line after which it is named. Seen here looking SE towards Todmorden the main road, now the A646, is the other side of the wall centre left. The bridge on the right carried a…
The small colliery at the summit of the Todmorden-Burnley line after which it is named. The steeply graded line was opened by the Lancashire Railway in 1849. Seen here looking NW towards Burnley. On the right people are walking on the…
A view looking towards Todmorden from Cliviger. The A646 is on the right of the picture. The railway running from the right to Chatham Bridge in the centre is the Burnley Branch from Todmorden or the Copy Pit Line as it is usually known after the…
LYRS 4225 - The Holme, Holme Station featured on a Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway coloured postcard to promote trips to the area by train.
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