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Former clothing factory renovated for domestic use. Previously occupied by Redman Brothers Ltd, Trouser makers.
This was formerly an ale house, the way in was probably via the balcony, note the bricked up door. Donated by Yvonne Broadbent.
Harold Holdsworth with nephew Alan Clayton. The farm just visible to the right of Harold's head is Smithy Steads. Donated by Yvonne Broadbent.
Notice the cobbled footpath in front of these cottages. Donated by Yvonne Broadbent.
Alan Sutcliffe of 6 Upper Castle working on his land. you can see the Wesleyan Chapel and what was then the Post Office. Donated by Yvonne Broadbent.
The chimney just left of centre was for Paper Mill. Donated by Yvonne Broadbent.
All dressed up, but what was the event?
Garnet Williams, but who is the lady? Taken outside St John's Sunday School.
Lewis Barker next to the man in a top hat
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