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The label on the image is incorrect and the view is looking up Crimsworth Dene.
View of Crimsworth Dene looking over New Bridge and The Lodge at the gates to Hardcastle Crags.
View looking up Crimsworth Dene and at the bottom The Lodge at the gates to Hardcastle Crags
View over New Bridge looking up Crimsworth Dene. Bottom ledft New Bridge Mill and in the centre the Gate Lodge and The Drive through Hardcastle Crags.
Looking down on Midgehole towards Crimsworth Dean and the entrance to Hardcastle Crags.

On the left foreground is New Bridge Mill, a former fustian manufacturing mill, water powered but supplemented by steam in times of drought. By the late 1890s…
LUMB BRIDGE is the fine single-arch stone pack-horse bridge in Crimsworth Dean at Lumb Falls. W.B. Crump expressed his opinion that the bridge “can hardly be later than 17th century and is not earlier than the 16th".
HORSE BRIDGE lies in Horse Bridge Clough in Crimsworth Dean and from its name it would appear that it was originally a pack-horse bridge. The present single-arch stone bridge was probably built when Lord Savile had the road made
Hollin Hall, Crimsworth Dene looking down towards Midgehole.
Undated postcard. The farm is off to the left in Crimsworth Dean.
The road going off to the left goes in to Hardcastle Crags. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
A favourite beauty spot and bathing pool. From a stereographic photograph.
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