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Shop on the corner of St George's Square and Crown Street.

Originally built by Hebden Bridge Co-operative Society with the water tank above to also serve the main retail and social facilities on the other side of Crown Street. The water tank has…
Pictured in the fish and chip shop on Crown Street, Hebden Bridge. c.2009
Looking down from Birchcliffe Road. Crown Street going off centre left with a gap between buildings where there has been demolition.
Crown Street at its junction with New Road. The gardens seen here and the buildings at the end demolished when New Road was widened in the mid-1930s. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Stubbings School is in the background. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Flower gardens fronted the busy Burnley Road before the road was widened in 1931, which necessitated the demolition of the building on the left fronting onto Bridge Gate; it was replaced with a shop on the truncated corner, now Holt’s greengrocers.…
The junction of Crown Street and New Road. Spencer's building on the left was demolished and the gardens also removed when New Road was widened in the 1930s. The opening on the right is now Holt's yard.
ALC00350. Looking towards West End. Timothy Whites was taken over by Boots in 1968 and most stores closed and in 1976 the one seen here became the Tourist Information Centre and is now AJs Fish & Chips. Next to it is the Yorkshire Bank, now…
Pre First World War. Halifax Corporation tram number 73, came into service November 1902, photographed here at the terminus on New Road near the junction with Crown Street. Trams ran from Halifax to Hebden Bridge from 1901 to 1936. On the left is the…
Parked on the pavement on double yellow lines, how many offences is this?
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