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A Hebden Bridge Light opera production, 1949. L_R Back Row Enid Irving, Audrey Beasley, Margaret Dunkley, Gladys Wills
Front row: Inez Norrish, Kathleen Horner, Nora Wheatley, Marjory Holmes. (Marjorie married Derek Powell and Kenneth Lord for her…
A member of the 'Wrigley Head' Morris team
A traditional mummer's play. The Pace Egg Play, performed annually on Good Friday at various venues around Hebden Bridge. Revived locally around 1931and broadcast by the BBC. It's not clear who is in this photo, which is taken in St George's…
Cornholme Methodist Choir. Back row - L to R

Alice Walker, Frances Greenwood nee Collinge

Middle row - L to R

Hilda Jaggar nee Holt, unknown, Phyllis Stansfield, Florence Nuttall, Vera Whittaker nee Sowden

Front row - L to R

Alice Dawson, Janet Mallison, Phyllis Stansfield, Mona Crowther, Mary Helliwell, Vera Whittaker, Lizzie Higgin.
Inez Norrish was a Light opera dancer. One of many portraits taken in Westerman's Studio, West End, Hebden Bridge.
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