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A view looking towards Todmorden from Cliviger. The A646 is on the right of the picture. The railway running from the right to Chatham Bridge in the centre is the Burnley Branch from Todmorden or the Copy Pit Line as it is usually known after the…
Possibly Nook Lane Wadsworth.
Probably taken from Nook Lane looking over Lane Ends Lane and Ibbotroyd Clough.
On the right houses on Fairfield and diagonally above them Horsehold and to their right Dodd Naze. On the right hand hillside houses on the Heptonstall estate.
The town is out of sight hidden by the buildings but the steep cut of the Upper Calder Valley is very noticeable.
Looking up in the direction of Stoodley Pike which is off the photo to the right.
Erringden Grange taken from Kilnshaw Lane in a NE direction?
Sunday School procession on Cross Hill at the top of Smithwell Lane, late 19th or early 20th century.
The cottage is on the steep packhorse road from Heptonstall to Haworth via Midgehole and Pecket Well.
Looking down Hebden Dale to Hebden Bridge the house is off the old Packhorse Road from Heptonstall to Haworth via Midgehole and Pecket Well.
HLS05110. Looking east along the Rochdale Canal from just past Mayroyd Mill. To the right of the house the gable end of the Crow Nest Gas Works manager's house with some railway wagons. To the left more wagons and a railway signal. Date unknown but…
Man with a donkey on the tow path where it inclines up to the bridge at the top of Holme Street. The river is below the wall which today is replaced by railings around the children's playground. The tow path has now been re-aligned at this point.…
Engraving by J Shore c.1855. Looking up from Stubbing Holme where the Colden Water joins the River Calder, the 'mytholm'. Above is Mytholm Hall, St James Parish Church and above that Eaves Lower and Upper Mills and to the right Bankfoot Mill, now the…
HLS05078. The church viewed from the 'inner lane' to Eaves. That lane passing the church is now only access to the school and Eaves Road has been cut into the hill on the right joining the 'lane' about by the end of the building on the left.
Photograph taken from Back Lane, Knowl Top - looking towards Heptonstall.
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