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Postcard published G.H. Greenwood, The Post Office, Todmorden. The Rochdale Canal is in the foreground.
The station opened here when the section of the Manchester and Leeds Railway between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge was inaugurated in December 1840. The station closed in 1951 but the coal drops remained in use until the mid-1960s.

Photo David N…
The Pike was originally built to commemorate the peace treaty after the Napoleonic Wars. The monument collapsed in 1854 having been weakened by a lightning strike, but was re-built a decade later, slightly further from the edge of the hill. During…
Eastwood Station looking east. The station opened at the same time as the line between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge in October 1840 but closed to passengers in 1951, although coal continued to be delivered for some time after. The station was…
Looking towards Hebden Bridge with far left the cobbled double side sloping track up to the station. The track is still there but the station closed to passengers in 1951.

The street facing you is Valley Street. In front is James (Jimmy) Mitchell's…
Higher Eastwood, with a converted barn to the left of the picture.
A lovely view of Stoodley Pike in the distance taken from Eastwood.
Site of the former Eastwood Railway station. The station opened in December 1840 when the section of the Manchester & Leeds Railway between Hebden Bridge and Summit East was completed. The station closed in 1851.
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