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The building on the right is Parrock, and on the left is Mitchell's canteen. the gentleman in black at the front will be a clergyman, possibly an important one from away as this is such a large gathering from various local chapels.
Laying of Todmorden Free Library Cornerstone, 1896. AN 69927699
Queen Victoria's Jubilee Celebration, 1897. AN 32939784
The Jubilee Illumination of Wainhouse Tower, May 1935
17th October, 1969. Seated at the table are Barbara Castle, M.P. and Government Minister, with Bernard Shaw on her left and Mayor Eunice Shaw on her right.
Tony Hegginbottom serving spa water made palatable with 'Spanish'. Photo donated by Gary Stringfellow.
Taking the water' Cragg Vale style. Tony Hegginbottom is overseeing. Photo donated by Gary Stringfellow.
Donated by Charlie Greenwood. Can you help is identify which town this is?
21 June 1912. 'The Manchester to Leeds express literally burst the rails asunder' on the already notorious Charlestown Curve between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden killing four people. Picture donated by Charlie Greenwood.
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