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View of Mytholmroyd with Thornber's holdings identified. A is Top Land, The Hatchery on Hall Bank Lane, C is Square Works, D is Elphaborough, and D Dean Hey.
An aerial view showing Thorber's breeding pens. Banksfield Estate is top left; the railway line crosses the picture and the sidings with many trucks can be seen.
Cragg road runs across the bottom of the picture, and Dean Hey is to the bottom right of the picture.
At one time there was a school at Ladyroyd for the children of the local farms as it was a long way for them to go to Hebden Bridge, particularly in the winter.
A rare and important example of an aisled timber-framed open hall dating to 1464 and encased in stone in late 16th century. The Hall was probably built for the Draper family, who were cloth merchants. The estate is typical of the post-medieval…
The working horse was a main stay of a farm in the past, and this old fellow was kind, gentle and reliable.
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