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Winter view from the north hillside over Hebden Bridge station and Machpelah. Old Town Mill chimney on the skyline
A view of the Todmorden - Burnley railway, the Copy Pit Line, with Mons Mill, demolished in 2000, to the right of the picture.
View over Gauxholme/Copprashouse with the tower of Dobroyd Castle visible above it. Bottom right Shade School.
View over Gauxholme with the railway on the left curving to cross the Gauxholme Viaduct with the tower of Dobroyd Castle visible above it.
View towards Todmorden with the tower of Dobroyd Castle above the distant trees left of centre. The railway was built 1840 by the Manchester & Leeds Railway.
Looking towards Heptonstall from Nook Lane
More or less centre of the photo is Dodd Naze housing on Wadsworth Lane and centre the landmark chimney of the former Calder Mill.
Probably taken from Nook Lane looking over Lane Ends Lane and Ibbotroyd Clough.
Looking down from Sandy Gate over Ibbotroyd Clough to houses on Heptonstall Road with Hebden Bridge itself largely out of sight in the valley bottom. In the centre of the photo is the landmark chimney of Calder Mill and to its left Horsehold Road…
On the right houses on Fairfield and diagonally above them Horsehold and to their right Dodd Naze. On the right hand hillside houses on the Heptonstall estate.
Holmes Park and Recreation Ground on the left.
Upper Small Shaw Farm on Haworth Old Road, looking towards Barker Cote Farm
Pecket Well Mill centre right, Wilcroft Farm on left.
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