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Originally a water powered cotton mill, by the time this photo was taken it was used by Frank Leelo as Tea Rooms to cater for the vast number of visitors to Hardcastle Crags. The Lodge at the gates into the Crags is on the right hand side.
Originally known as Hawden Hole, it is situated on the south Hebden Dale hillside between Midgehole and Hebden Hey above Hebden Water and the lower part of Hardcastle Crags. It was the site of the locally infamous murder of Samuel Sutcliffe in…
Bathing pool and camp site, Wheat Ing Farm.
The label on the image is incorrect and the view is looking up Crimsworth Dene.
Looking up Crimsworth Dene with New Bridge and mill bottom centre with the Gate Lodge to Hardcastle Crags above.
View of Crimsworth Dene looking over New Bridge and The Lodge at the gates to Hardcastle Crags.
Running along top right is The Drive through Hardcastle Crags and in centre New Bridge Mill dam. The building on the hillside above the dam is Hebden Hey now site of scout hostels.
Bottom left the roof of Midgehole Upper Mill (Dyeworks) and just discernible in the centre is New Bridge Mill.
In the is New Bridge and as following demolition of the mill the photo is post 1950s. Amongst the trees on the centre hillside is Hebden Hey now site of two scout hostels.
The buildings in the centre over the bridge have been demolished and now car parking for the Blue Pig.
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