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The newly built Shade School in 1904. Righthand corner the skew bridge over the Rochdale Canal with its castellated buttresses.
General view pre-1914 over the No. 1 Viaduct and canal bridge looking up towards Walsden.
Situated on the Bacup Road from Gauxholme. Top left the remains of the waterwheel casement of Gorpley Mill, demolished in 1894.
1904/05 and a busy industrial scene, looking east towards Todmorden. To the right can be seen a section of the long, low viaduct, and further in the distance the bow string bridge with its castellated abutments. In the centre foreground is the…
Built by the Manchester & Leeds Railway in 1840 and always known by them as Gauxholme Bridge but locally referred to as Coppras House Bridge. It was one of the very first Bow String Bridges in the country along with Whiteley Arches, near Hebden…
A rambling viaduct of 17 stone spans of 35ft and 1 of 60ft plus the iron span bridge over the Rochdale Canal, much plainer than its more famous neighbour to the east of the viaduct.
Photo taken during the restoration of the Rochdale Canal.
During restoration work on the Rochdale Canal. The metal trough bridge crossing the canal at the western end of the long rambling Gauxholme Viaduct.
At the side of the Rochdale Canal, during restoration work.
View over Gauxholme/Copprashouse with the tower of Dobroyd Castle visible above it. Bottom right Shade School.
View over Gauxholme with the railway on the left curving to cross the Gauxholme Viaduct with the tower of Dobroyd Castle visible above it.
Postcard. The cast iron Gauxholme Bridge over the Rochdale Canal was built by the Manchester & Leeds Railway in 1840 and was described at the time as "a costly and beautiful structure possessing a most graceful appearance". Postcard.
A horse drawn barge passing under the cast iron bow string bridge over the Rochdale Canal at Gauxholme near Todmorden with castellated twin Gothic tower abutments. The reinforcement beneath the deck was added in about 1905 to strengthen it.
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