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House in Heptonstall; back of photo has date of 1958. The diagonal joint in the large piece of timber is a scarf joint, used to join two pieces of timber together in the same alignment. The timber on the left has moulded decoration and may originally…
The aisled halls of the Halifax region form a unique group within the north of England. Dating from the 14th century they are evidence of the prosperity of the medieval yeoman clothier who wished to demonstrate his wealth by building a large…
Rawson Family collection of glass negatives. C1890
This is the rear of property at Haugh End, Quarry Hill, Sowerby. It is in the grounds of Haugh End House, the home of the Rawson family. Haugh End House is just off camera to the left. Family collection of glass negatives. C1890

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Rawson Family collection of glass negatives. C1890
Rawson Family collection of glass negatives. C1890
The round house was on the road down to Longbottom Mill at Cooperfields, now Tenterfield buisness park.
Situated between Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. From a stereographic photograph.
The farmhouse was originally on the other side of the road, but it was in the way of the railway so it was demolished and this 'compensation' house was built. Above one of the windows is the word 'Dairy'. Latterly the house was used by the Manager of…
This house, Mayroyd Mill House, was deluged with water when firemen fought a fire which destroyed the nearby Mayroyd Mill, on 10th February 1936. Overnight the water froze. Lloyd Greenwood, the boy looking at the camera, and his friends, stopped to…
The gable end shown here was accessed in the 1950s and 60s via the lean-to on the road side. An old lady lived there, Mrs Greenwood, who was mother to Walter Greenwood who lived at No. 3 Winters Cottages. Below her cottage was a derelict building…
A Grade II Listed building - it was constructed by the Manchester and Leeds Railway Co.
c.1840 to replace Weasel Hall which was demolished in the construction of the
railway line.
At the junction of Commercial Street and the main road.
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