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This mill was built as a steam powered mill in 1861 and was the last mill to be built in the Colden Valley.
At the top of Colden Clough was Jack Bridge Mill. Production at the mill ceased early 20th century but it wasn't demolished until many years later. Colden School is to the left of the road. On the left of the picture you can just make out Broadstone…
In the foreground is Colden Water, the houses top right are Lower Smithy. Colden school is to the right of the mill chimney
In the 1960's before Moderna Blankets a company called D.E.Stuttard Ltd made oil fired boilers called 'Desomatic'. R Thomas 01422 846392 as a brass plate which was attached to the boilers. Ref: 037.
An early steam powered mill, built in 1861 by Colden Cotton & Commercial Company Limited, was the last to be built in the Colden Valley. It was demolished in the 1970s following a fire. Colden School can be seen left of centre. On the very left of…
Jean Forrest Recalls
Jack Bridge Mill was built in 1861 as a steam powered spinning mill with twin Lancashire boilers and a beam engine, all buildings being on one level. In 1862 a large weaving shed was added, at that time the largest in the valley…
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