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Group of people walking up Keighley Road, probably having arrived at Hebden Bridge by train.
Hangingroyd area of the town looking up to new, at the time of this photo, housing on Keighley Road. The large house at the end is Ashley house on Hangingroyd Lane.
Viewed from Keighley Road over the north light roof of Hebden Works, now partly demolished. To the right above the north lights is part of Hangingroyd Mill and the open area in the centre with a caravan on it and the building to the left, also part…
The hotel sign is on the wall of the former Nutclough House Hotel and above it are Eiffel Buildings with on the right houses on Keighley Road.
The hotel on the left is the former Nutclough House pub and above it the double-decker Eiffel Buildings on the road which runs down to join Keighley Road where vehicles can be seen.
Looking up Hebden Water to Nutclough Mill top right. Keighley Road is supported above the river by a huge retaining wall at this point. When constructed as the Lees & Hebden Bridge Turnpike in about 1815 it was built on a shelf cut out of the cliff.
Looking down Hebden Water to first St Georges Bridge and then the Old Bridge. On the left the huge retaining wall supporting Keighley Road which at this point is on a ledge cut out of the cliff side. The buildings on the right-hand river bank have…
Hebden Water below the huge retaining wall supporting Keighley Road. When the turnpike was built c.1815 a shelf was cut out of the cliff to accommodate it.
View from Birchcliffe Road down to the junction of Bridge Gate and Keighley Road.
Prior to its re-alignment Commercial Street ran to the front of the White Lion as seen here with a right turn for Keighley Road. The building on the extreme left is part of the White Horse, demolished 1962, and the building centre right was…
Re-alignment of the junction of Commercial Street and Keighley Road nearly complete. Prior to this Commercial Street ran to the door of the White lion and then turned left to go down Bridgegate or right to join Keighley Road. The open road seen here…
The buildings on the right are part of the White Lion and the cobbles going up to the left join onto Birchcliffe Road, now blocked off at the top other than for pedestrians. Prior to demolition of the buildings at the bottom in 1959 Keighley Road…
The buildings on the right part of the White Lion and below re-alignment of Commercial Street and its junction with Keighley Road about complete. Prior to re-alignment Commercial Street ran to the door of the White Lion and turned right for Keighley…
Collapsed wall at the bottom of Keighley Road below Stubbings School. The poster is dated 1903.
The junction of Keighley Road and Birchcliffe Road shortly after buildings were demolished to improve the junction.
Situated on the corner of Keighley Road and Bridge Gate, this is one of the oldest buildings in Hebden Bridge.
Nutclough Mill is central to the picture with the old Birchcliffe Chapel top right.
Visitors to Hardcastle Crags walking past Lee Mill; demolished about 1970 but by then no longer used as acotton mill. Peckett Well War Memorial on the skyline. Postcard
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