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Slide 1 - In a retired and beautiful situation near the banks of the Wharfe, and about two miles west of Otley, stands the fine old mansion Weston Hall, whose history goes back to the remote past. As we approach it by the carriage drive, across the…
Slide 7 - Situate at the bottom of the Park, on the borders of the lake, we see the interesting old timber-framed house, which was some years ago brought from Cripplegate, Halifax, by Mr John Lister, and re-erected by him on the site it now occupies.
Slide 1 - "A front of timber-crost antiquity"

This line from Tennyson's 'Enoch Arden' aptly describes the appearance of the fine old Hall overlooking the pleasant Shibden Dale. Shibden Hall is one of the few structures now remaining erected at a…
Slide 8 - In the hollow on the north side of the Hall, a lake is formed by the dammed up Nun's Brook, which is crossed by a bridge, on a path leading to the gardens.
Slide 7 - Leaving the Gatehouse and following the carriage drive, we have a view of the park, which also includes a peep of the stream called Nun Brook, which flows past the Gatehouse previously referred to.
Slide 7: The gardens adjoining the Hall are beautifully kept and contain many choice varieties of trees, among which is a fine specimen of silver fir of great size and luxuriance. A stream called Marske beck passes through the grounds. This has…

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Slide 1 - Of all the buildings that still remain to us from the 17th Century, there are few which rival in size and beauty East Riddlesden Hall, near Keighley. Dating as it does from the time of the Civil Wars, it is a splendid specimen of the…
Slide 5 - The lake is nearly a mile in length and is the resort of numerous water fowl of various species, and these are carefully protected by the owner of the estate. A boat house on the margin of the lake forms rather a picturesque object.
Slide 4 - The lake was made by Sir John Neville at the time the house was building, during the reign of Henry 8th.
Slide 11 - A fine artificial serpentine river is crossed by a bridge of three arches, and on a gentle eminence is the Mausoleum of the family, a circular Roman Doric edifice crowned with a dome. It was erected at the same time as the house.
Slide 5 - In a slight hollow in the park, a little below the south front, is a sheet of water about eight acres in extent, covered with water lilies and lined along the margin with rushes. From this point, with the lake in the foreground, a good view…
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