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LYRS 6684 - The sidings have been recently lifted and the shed in a poor state of repair pending demolition.
LYRS 6689 - From the 'Down' platform looking across to the 'up' platform. The signal box and the platform buildings seen here have been demolished. Passenger facilities are reduced to not very satisfactory shelters given the exposed position of the…
LYRS 6687 - The Leeds 'down' platform and the Goods Shed looking west. The Shed has been demolished and the platform building no longer used br rail users.
LYRS 6685 - The building on the 'down' Leeds Platform but shorn of its canopy. The building is no longer in use for rail users.
TMP 0225 - General view looking north east in 1950 down the Manchester island Platform across to the Leeds Platform. To the left is the Goods Shed, siding and crane. The building on the Leeds Platform is only station building now remaining but minus…
LYRS 6681 - The 'up' platform, buildings and signal box looking north east. All the buildings have now been demolished and the track to the right lifted. The island platform was accessed by a subway.
LYRS 6682 - Looking from the 'up' Manchester Platform across to the 'down' Leeds Platform. The buildings on the 'up' platform have been demolished and those on the 'down' platform not in use for rail users; on both platforms there are now not very…
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