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Kenneth Jacques, Billy Jacques, Norman Stansfield, ? Greenwood?, Raymond Bairstow, Lyra Bairstow, Florence Dean, Eileen Beevers, Wilfred Beevers, Margaret Crowther, Jacqueline Marshall, unknown, Jonathan Stansfield

"Bed of Roses".

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F. Nuttall (seated), M. Wilson, J. Davies, F. Dean, Bernard Crowther (on settee, Margaret's dad), W. Hindle, R. Bairstow, M. J. Crowther (seated), J. Lightburn
Used as an illustration in Gertrude Attwood's book "A Village Childhood"
Looking down Cragg Road towards Mytholmroyd. The Methodist Chapel, now a private house, is on the left.
Situated on Haworth Road, this small chapel was built by the Crimsworth Dean Society in 1865. The chapel closed in July 1996 and is now a private house.
Looking in a very sad state prior to demonlition. The Birchcliffe hillside can be seen in the distance on the left.
Photo taken from Clegg Nook shows the debris that has been brought down Hall Bank Lane and Scout Road.
ALC00378. In the centre is Foster Lane Wesleyan Chapel which opened in 1904 and closed and demolished in the mid-1960s. To the right is Foster Mill, demolished early 1980s, and top left Cross Lanes United Methodist Chapel, opened 1840 destroyed by…
Pre-1960. Looking from above Palace House Road over to Heptonstall Road and Cross Lanes Chapel on the hillside, demolished in the mid-1960s. Bottom right corner the top of Hope Baptist just visible.
The new Methodist Sunday School is in the process of being built with Salem Chapel to its left. The large building to the left is Melbourne Mill prior to its demolition (illegally, at 6 am on a Sunday morning without planning consent) to make way…
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