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Clearly a mill town. In the foreground is Pallis House and to its left smoke from a train in the cutting and above the smoke Holme House. On the left hillside Cross Lanes Methodist Chapel and dominant in the top centre Foster Mill.
Looking down on Market Street up the valley towards Todmorden. The landmark chimney of Calder Mill in the centre, much of the mill itself was destroyed by fire in November 1964.
Looking down Hebden Water towards its confluence with the Calder. The buildings immediate right have been replaced by purpose built shops and offices and above them the former Council Offices. The chimney of Bridge Mill on the left.
The Foster Lane chapel opened in 1904 and was closed and demolished in the mid-1960s. On the hillside top left is Cross Lanes United Methodist Chapel which had opened in 1840 but that too closed and was demolished in the 1960s. To the right is Foster…
View over the town from the north hillside. Scout Rocks are on the left, with Scout Road School below.
Looking over Centre Vale Mansion, which was demolished in the 1950s, to Stoodley Pike on the far hillside. To the right is the tower of Christ Church and on the skyline to the left the tower of Cross Stone Church.
View over the town from the south west. A train can be seen pulling away from the station towards Hebden Bridge.
View over the Baltimore area of Todmorden on the east side of the town, with Cross Stone Church just visible on the skyline.
View over the town from the west. The remains of Fielden’s Waterside Mill, an old spinning mill built in 1800, can be seen on the right after a disastrous fire in 1901. The spire of the Unitarian Church, built by the Fieldens, is in the centre. The…
Walsden from the south hillside. Centre left is the village school and below it an eastbound train heading away from the station.
Clearly visible is the Dean Clough Mill (where the words Crossley Kosset are visible). The bus appears to be a 681, a service to Bradford that still runs today (2017).
To his left is Calder Mill with its landmark chimney. Much of the mill was gutted by fire in 1964.
Picture taken before the Salem Methodist Church (left of centre) was demolished. The large building to the left is Melbourne Mill and just behind can be seen the former Neptune Inn.
Landscaping by the Civic Trust at Whitely Arches. Robert Helliwell, David Fletcher and Phillip longbottom
Looking across from Union Street on the Birchcliffe Hillside to terraces off Palace House Road along with the abattoir. In the centre Croft Mill and chimney.
Above the landmark chimney of Calder Mill on Stubbing Holme.
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