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The 1st Hebden Bridge company (Birchcliffe). Taken at Birchcliffe Chapel.
York Street Wesleyan Sunday School Band of Hope, Todmorden, 1869. AN 70082771
The Mayor, Eunice Shaw, re-opened the club at the Black Swan in 1969. The Mayor played the ukulele
Mayor Eunice Shaw with Mayor and Mayoress of Halifax. On left husband Bernard Shaw.
Centre Mayor Eunice Shaw, to her right Mayor and Mayoress of Halifax, Alderman J. Liley and Mrs I Liley
At the Maypole Inn, Warley at the start of the Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing Festival, 1983
The Britannia Coco-nut Dancers of Bacup. The nut dance is most unusual and is performed either in a straight line or two lines of four with each of the dancers wearing wooden discs or nuts on their hands, and knees with a belly nut around the waist. …
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