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The Elliott 803 computer was installed in the early 1960s to analyse the vast amount of data obtained through the breeding trials.
An Elliott 803 Computer was used to analyse the vast amount of data obtained in the breeding trials.
Derek was a Production Manager at Thornber Chicks.
The current Editor (2014) of the Todmorden News and Hebden Bridge Times, John Greenwood, pictured centre.
Newsroom, Waddington's 1953 - The newsroom at Waddington's, printers and publishers of the Todmorden News & Advertiser. The picture is one of a series taken in 1953, the centenary year of the newspaper, to show the workings of the organisation.…
Far side of table: Marion Helliwell, S.G. Hellowell. Near side of table, left to right: Len Barrett, Lewis Barker.
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