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Crazy golf, 2008. The Fielden Centre can be seen on the left of the shot. The bowling greens and pavilion are in the centre.
In the centre, over the river from the playground, one of the buildings of Hangingroyd Mill in a derelict condition with the mill yard used for parking for Shepherds wagons, now the site of Waterside Fold. The building on the right was also part of…
On the site of one of the Hangingroyd Mill buildings. On the left Broughton Street going up to Foster Lane.
Looking over the playground and across the the river to Shepherd's wagons parked on the former yard and demolition site of part of Hangingroyd Mill. One of the derelict mill buildings in the centre and another far right.
Shepherds lorries in the yard of the former Hangingroyd Mill looking across the river to the new playground on Victoria Road, formerly site of one of the mill's buildings, and the new flats.
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