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Morley Top, seen here pre-First World War, was on the Leeds, Bradford & Halifax Junction Railway’s Gildersome Branch and extension which opened over its whole length between Laisterdyke and Ardsley in 1857 and was acquired by the GNR in 1865. The…
Four films on this week, Charlie Chaplin in The Pilgrim, an all start cast in The Old Oaken Bucket, Alma Rubens in Find the Woman, and Douglas Maclean in Bell Boy 13.
Four films on this week, Betty Balfour in The Sea Urchin, The Verdict, Rudolph Valentino in The Eagle, and a star cast in Brothers.
Two films on this week, Daring Youth, and Thy Name is Woman.
Two films on this week, Pearl White in Know Your Men, and George K. Arthur and The Wheels of Chance.
Three films on this week, Pretty Ladies with Tom Moore, Go West with Buster Keaton, and Rose of the World.
Two films on this week, Blood and Sand with Rudolph Valentino and Love! with Louise Glaum and James Kirkwood.
Two films on this week, The Lost World and Easy Money.
Two films on this week, Lon Chaney in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Passionate Adventure.
Two films on this week, The Iron Horse and Man & Maid.
Two films on this week, Betty Compson in Woman to Woman and The Acquittal with Norman Kerry and Claire Windsor.
Three films on this week, Is Love Everything?, The Great Love and The Lady Who Lied.
Three films on this week, Headlines, The Adventures of Maisie and The Pleasure Buyers.
Two films on this week, Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Helen's Babies.
Two films on this week, Flaming Youth with Colleen Moore, and Jackie Coogan in Long Live The King
The price of fish, chips, tea and bread and butter is 8d. in the cafe nick named Mrs Cuddys on New Road. It was moved to the canal side on Holme Street and converted into a garage later becoming Southwells Coaches, which later became the site of the…
Collapsed wall at the bottom of Keighley Road below Stubbings School. The poster is dated 1903.
Spinning and weaving at Harley House, Adamroyd, and Ferney Mills, Todmorden.
Why not choose a career with Charles Crabtree Ltd and its Associated Company S and A Barker's Successors Ltd.
Poster offering a cheap trip to Hull in open wagons! At 3 shillings (15p) it wouldn't have seemed cheap to a textile worker on 15 shillings a week. However the Leeds Mercury reported that "people flocked from the hills and adjacent country including…
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