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This buidling was on the junction of Cow Green and Pellon Lane. It was closed in 1968 and demolished in 1971. The road in the centre of the picture is the bottom of Gibbet Street. The area of town was also known as Swine Gate.
The Mayor, Eunice Shaw, re-opened the club at the Black Swan in 1969. The Mayor played the ukulele
Earnest Copping pulling a pint. He died 4.4.74 so this picture is probably taken in the early 70s. The club was also known as 'Rat Trap'. Donated by Karen Senior.
Looking across to High Street from the bottom of Stocks Lane. Top left the Methodist chapel, closed 2011, and bottom left the Wolf Inn, demolished 1950s. Photo Christopher Cawkwell Collection.
The building on the right is the Golden Lion. The steps lead up to Longfield Road. "Neddy Bridge", the canal bridge by Fielden Square is off to the left of the picture.
A regular truck stop for hungry lorry drivers, much the same as modern day service areas on our motorways. Standing outside the doorway of the Bird i'th Hand inn is a Leyland very similar to the one owned and used by the LMS Railway at Todmorden…
Crown Hotel & adjoining property. Horton Street 1979.
After the demolition of the High Street and Bridge Lanes houses. The site was left derelict for many years.
The Bull Inn is on the right. The rest of the dwellings on the north side of Bridge Lanes were demolished in the mid-1960 and the site left derelict for many years as can be seen here.
The former Royal Oak on the right, now residential, and the White lion on the left as of 2015 vacant and for sale.
Behind the tree is the White Lion pub, Burnley Road. The flower bed was one of the projects of Calder Civic Trust in the 1970s.
The pub on the right is the Freemasons Arms also known locally as The Red House .
At the time of this photograph it was being used as a storage building for Fred Temperley & Sons Ltd - Salt Glazed Stoneware Pipes and Fittings. Just up the road at Saunderclough Works. It is now a private dwelling.
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