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Roomfield School children, but what is the date?
Information from Robert Pickles:

My mum, Mollie Fielden, born April 1924, is on the front row of girls, 2nd in from the right. Sitting next to her, the girl with the glasses called Marion, was mum’s lifelong best friend. Dad, Stanley Pickles, born…
Teacher Miss Barker, Ashenhurst House. Back row L to R: 1. Rachel Davies, 2. Nellie Mottram, 3. Kath Fielden, 4. Nellie Whitehead, 8. Annie Smith, 9. Miss Sutcliffe, 10. ? Henfrey.
Second row: 1. Clara Bayley, 3. Martha Law, 5. Nellie Holt, Corinah…
Jeanette Dewhirst and Ronnie Butterworth. AN 34131789
Jean Howarth, Colin Sutcliffe, ? , R. Bullock, Pat Barker, Peter Sheldrake. AN 34131789
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