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In the foreground the rear of the dwellings on the south side of King Street with Saville Road above. On the skyline the Peckett Well War memorial.
Looking down on Mytholm, Brown's works in centre picture, with the Stubbing Wharf on the Rochdale Canal in the foreground.
Looking down on Mytholm with Brown's Works centre picture and the Stubbing Wharf Inn on Rochdale Canal in the foreground.
Looking down on Brown works at Mytholm, with Heptonstall on the hill above.
Savile Road climbs up the hillside, the River Calder is in the foreground.
Date unknown. In the centre the engineering works of Pickles, later Browns, and now demolished. The Parish Church of St James to the right was built in 1832, and to the right of that is Mytholm Hall.
Looking across Mytholm to the Steeps up to Blackshawhead. In the foreground the canal and towpath and centre right Mytholm Hall is just visible. In the foreground Stubbings Holme Dyeworks and above it Brown's factory, both now long gone.
1960s demolition of the corner of Savile Road on King Street. St James Church just visible in the centre.
View over Mytholm showing Mytholm Hall, and the King Street cottages that were prone to flooding. Right hand end of two storey house opposite was a Co-op. Bungalow in centre bottom was originally a Dawson City hut that was stone clad.
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