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Photo taken from near Weasel Hall, the building with the arches, upper centre of the picture, is Stubbings Infant School, and below it the building with the clock tower is Carlton Building, which was formerly part of Hebden Bridge Co-operative…
Ted, in dark clothes, playing the part of a nobleman, is to the left of the bigger boy with the cushion. Last but one girl on the right is Barbara Gibson, she married Russell Dean. A bespectacled Donald Crossley is front left, playing the part of a…
Ted is second row, dark jacket, 5th from right. Donald is 7th from right, wearing spectacles. Ted's sister Olwyn is in the third row down, sixth from the left.
The canal is no longer navigable. The rear of Central Street School is on the left, and the terrace of houses towards the top of the picture is Queen's Terrace on Heptonstall Road.
Work in progress on the restoration of the Rochdale Canal at Hebden Bridge. On the right is Riverside School.
Back row L to R: George Whitaker; Harold Smith; Alec Sharp; Irvin Feather; Alec Smith; Leslie Sanderson; Ronnie Beaumont; Raymond Crabtree; Donald & Harold Earnshaw; Eric Kershaw; Jack Ingham; Charlie Dawson.
Middle row: Joan Holloway; Dorothy Haigh;…
Miss Livermore's class, c1930.
Back row, left to right: Reginald Whittingham; Tommy Whitehead; Keith Sutcliffe; Albert Nutter? ; Edward Meadowcroft; Jimmy Haslam; Earnest Anderson.
Middle row, Connie Greenwood; Alice Ogden; Marjorie Harris; Doris…
Used as an illustration in Gertrude Attwood's book"A Village Childhood"
Used as an illustration in Gertrude Attwood's book "A Village Childhood"
Used as an illustration in Gertrude Attwood's book "A Village Childhood"
Photograph taken c1969.

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Left to Right - Back row: Leslie Greaves, Geoffrey Horsfall, Tony Scott, Stewart Turner, Godfrey Hurst, David Marshall. Front row: Wilfred Heywood, Barrie Mitchell, Colin Lever (Capt.) Ivan Redman, Peter Lever. Standing: Bernard Walker (P.E.…
Left to Right - Back row: David Brunskill, Geoffrey Dawson, David Martin, Reg Downs, David Whitham, Clifford Greenwood. Front row: Gary Wilde, Rodney Ingham, Wilfred Heywood (captain), Barrie Mitchell, David Greenwood. Standing: Bernard Walker…
Hebden Bridge - Lees Yard Car Park and Stubbings School (2000)
Old Father Tyme' nightclub on left (now Co-op Supermarket).
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