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Rev Thomas was minister at Slack Baptist Chapel from 1903-1928

Donated by Esther Dean
Heptonstall Slack Baptist Chapel Choir c.1909, taken to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Choirmaster, William Greenwood, nickname William the Singer.

Bottom row from left: Sarah Pickles, unknown, Francis Greenwood who was killed in the First…
Probably taken in the early 1960s. Slack Baptist Chapel is in the triangle of roads, one leading to Widdop and the other to Colden and Blackshaw. The building on the right of the road almost in the centre of the picture is Robertshaw Farm where…
Donated by Susan Slater

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This shows a full hay cart being led into the barn. These barns often had a matching door on the other side so that the horse and cart could pass straight through after unloading.
Photo taken at the front of Slack Top Baptist Chapel. The queen is Nellie Dawson nee Speak, mother of Margaret Shaw.
PH11/14. Built 1809. 25.3.1950.
Looking up the Colden Valley, probably taken near the top of Lumb Bank. Fields Farm at Slack Bottom is in the foreground, beyond is Pikestone Bank.
Slack Top in the snow
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